We left Spain for a night in Perpignon, France. But alas, on our arrival we found Perpignon to be the most annoying city we’ve ever been to. There was absolutely NO WHERE to park the small black rental car. We parked it right on the sidewalk for a moment to check out Hotel France and discovered Hotel France had no parking so we’d be unable to stay there unless we found our own–impossible. So we decided to find a Wi-Fi cafe to at least research where to stay or at the very least how to exit Perpignon and move on to another town–again impossible! We drove around that hot, busy city in circles for 2 hours until we decided just to try and find our way out ourselves and head to destination unknown. Low and behold a Wi Fi sign and guess where? At a McDonalds of all places! Saved in France by Rotten Ronnie’s. It was a blessing. We got on the net and plotted our course to the Pyrenees to see a Cathare Castle. And so our adventure begins… Read More