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This pic captures both of their personalities perfectly: Pip is happy and playful and Peter quite serious.

Peter and Pip. Peter is wearing his 20 year old Italian suit. He’s chuffed that it still fits. Today he is being photographed for being on the Education prof’s honour roll.

A busy day. Dropped Pip and niece Artemisia off at ┬áthe EnergyPlex for their year end field trip. Mist and I went out for a quick coffee and then I dropped off Mist for the day at a friend’s. Next I purchased a year end gift for Pip’s teacher Tracy. Mrs. Tracy from Precious Gift’s is the absolute best teacher and Pip has adored her 2 years of preschool.

I will next go to Tab’s school to photograph ‘Wax Works.’ The students in fifth grade dress up like a famous person (no longer living) and communicate with everyone as though they are the person. Tabs chose Lydia Hume. She may seem unknown to most but she is special to Tabs as Tabs’ middle name is Lydia (after my paternal German grandmother). As well Lydia Hume and hubby Fred built the first house in Nelson (the first or nearly the first?) and the Hume hotel. My sister Theresa now owns and resides in the impressive Hume house.

It seems to be a press day for this family. The school called this morning to say Tabs is receiving a school wide Geography award and the press will be there and will we allow her to be photographed? The award must be a surprise as this is the first we’ve heard about it. She is a wizz at geography though.

Feeling better each day. Though my lungs are still full thus dancing is going to be slow going and no running until they are clear. Have finished a basic Spain plan: Barcelona, the coast near Begur and then onto the most beautiful town in Spain (Lonely Planet quote) called Albaracin (ancient Islamic, Christian and Roman architecture).

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