Sammy the Snow Puppy Craft

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Sammy Snow Puppy!

My six year old is home sick with a nasty cough and sore throat.I remembered a snow man craft my mom used to make with my sisters and I when we were little.It involved a toilet paper roll and cotton baton. I had both!

Pip and I were busy creating and realized the snowman looked more like an adorable Bichon Frise puppy.We added ears and went with the snow puppy idea! The little purple mustache is Pip’s touch–she wanted a French puppy.

This craft is super easy and super cute.

Unfortunately, my darling Pip is still quite ill and I spent the entire night up with her. No sleep. At the moment she is watching a Disney show while I update my blog. My doctor is out of the country so it is an overcrowded walk-in clinic. Will take her if she gets worse or her fever climbs.

*She’s worse. We’re off to the doctor!

Directions for snow pup:


Toilet paper roll
Cotton (from vitamin bottles or fibre fill)
Pipe cleaners of various widths
Google stick-on eyes
Various sized pom-pom balls
Glue (craft white)
Glue gun


Smooth craft glue over entire toilet paper roll. Attach cotton to look fluffy.
Wrap around a pipe cleaner (near top) for neck scarf.
Bend a thick pipe cleaner into a circular toque shape and glue gun to top of roll.
Glue a pom-pom on top of toque.
Glue on google eyes.
Cut pink pipe cleaner and glue on a little mouth.
Glue on two puffs of cotton for ears.
Glue on three little pom-pom buttons.

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    Brought back happy memories!

  2. Mix Hart
    | Reply

    He’s really cute; isn’t he?

  3. Hi! Your puppy is indeed cute with its pink Christmas tree like hat. This is something I can do with the children at home. Activities like this makes them busy and proud.

    • Mix Hart
      | Reply

      Thanks Paul. Yes, the little ones love the puppy craft 🙂

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