Inside My Secret Chocolate Cupboard

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IMG_8134I have a chocolate cupboard; it is located right below my tea cupboard. (For more on the benefits of tea take a look at: The Art of Tea).

Inside my cupboard is a decadent stash of the real stuff—mostly deep, dark chocolate in the range of 99% and 90% cocoa. However, the cupboard usually includes some milk chocolate and even 70% chocolate too (incase my mood dictates a need for it).

Chocolate is my drug of choice. I eat it to stay healthy, happy and satisfied. I try to limit myself to a few squares a day but on some days, my intake requires more. The more stressful the day….the more chocolate one needs to consume!

I also have a stash of decadent chocolate treats for my children (they get one Lindor ball as treat in their school lunches). Lindt balls were on sale after christmas so we purchased many boxes—a recent study in Germany found that the children who consumed the most chocolate were, if fact, thinner than the children that consumed less.


Dark chocolate contains serotonin (which acts like an antidepressant) and stimulates the body’s production of endorphins. Dark chocolate can elevate your sense of well being.

Furthermore, dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants called flavonoids. It contains as much of these healthy flavonoids as super foods such as blueberries, acai berries.

Finally, to explain a possible reason for why children who eat more chocolate are thinner than those that don’t: chocolate contains monounsaturated fatty acids which make one feel fuller for longer and slows the digestion process.

In conclusion, indulge! Create a chocolate cupboard in your home filled with healthy super dark chocolate and the odd milk chocolate to spoil yourself.

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  1. Sandra Hart
    | Reply

    Sounds like a great idea!

  2. mixhartMix Hart
    | Reply

    Yes, I am only sad that you and Dad cannot enjoy chocolates benefits fully!

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