Waterfalls And Rain Forests: Hiking The Shuswap

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Waterfalls And Rain Forests: Hiking The Shuswap

Peter, Margret Falls, Salmon Arm, BC, Musings…By Mix Hart
Tabs, Me, Artemis and Pip at Margret Falls, BC. Musings…By Mix Hart

This past Labour day weekend, I returned to the forests of my youth. I’m addicted to BC’s rain forests (most likely) because I grew up in them. When I was 1 month old, my family moved to Vancouver and I spent the first two years of my life on the coast amongst giant cedar trees and humid air. We returned to BC a decade later to live on an acerage near Salmon Arm. Everyday, after school, I disappeared into the dense cedar forests that surrounded our tall, cedar home. I literally spent every free moment of my time in the forest with my sisters, dog, cat and horse. If you surprised my family by a visit, after trekking down our long, forest-lined drive (and if you braved the giant black, bear-of-a-dog that would bound up to greet you) you’d usually find my sisters and I deep in the woods dressed in long flannel nightgowns (we often pretended we lived in pioneer times and the nightgowns were the closest thing to long dresses that we could find).

Peter is a natural athlete: very agile with little/zero physical fear.

Fifteen years ago, I returned to BC with my husband to raise our daughters. We live in the Okanagan, which has spectacular forest too but (for the most part) they are dry forests of ponderosa and pine trees.

Miranda (sister), Artemis (niece), Tabs and Pip (daughters) and me, Margret Falls, BC. Musings…By Mix Hart
Miranda (sister), Artemis (niece), Pip (daughter) and me, Margret Falls, BC. Musings…By Mix Hart
Tabs and Peter, Musings…By Mix Hart. Margret Falls, BC.

I am at home in the forests of BC. The wondrously rich smells of cedar and pine are my favourite scents on earth. I moved so often in my youth that I cannot pinpoint where my home town truly is. However, though I may not have a home town, I do have a home space and it is deep in the forests of BC.

Tabs would have ventured into the cave but she didn’t bring a change of clothes.
Tabs and mom, Margret Falls, BC

As a child, I climbed inside the cave beneath Margret Falls. However, on this trip, only Peter managed it. Though, we’ll come back, in the early summer, and bring bathing suits and towels so we can all attempt to step through the falls.

Two peanuts in a cave: Pip and Artemis, Margret Falls, BC

Reuniting with the rain forests in the Shuswap made my childhood flood back to me. It was magical returning to the woods I grew up in. I felt as though I’d never left. My emotions fluctuated between weeping tears of both joy and loss on the hike: joy, at feeling that I’d come home and sadness that the little girls in their night dresses, with their big dog McDuff and their cat (with attitude) Spunky, would not be spotted at a make-shift camp down by the banks of the creek.

Musings…By Mix Hart

I hope you enjoy a few photographs from our hikes both above and below Margret Falls, BC.

Shuswap Lake, Musings…By Mix Hart
Miranda, Me and John, Shuswap Lake, BC
Pip, Peter and Tabs. Shuswap, BC
Pip, Artemis, Miranda and John. Shuswap, BC
Rain forest stream, Shuswap, BC
Musings…By Mix Hart, Shuswap, BC
2nd generation BC forest explores. Musings…By Mix Hart

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