Snow Dog Foolery

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512Yesterday, we had the first real snow of the season. Real meaning, enough to make a snowman. Well, at least Pip thought so. She insisted the conditions were perfect for snow building. However, it took us an entire hour to roll snowballs big enough to make our petite snow girl. I tried to convince Pip that sometimes making a snowman is easy and the snow so tacky that we could whip up a huge one in 15 minutes. She thought I was crazy and insisted, no—this is how long it always takes to make a snowman. I beg to differ.


Pip wasn’t the only one crazy for the snow. Someone let the dogs out and they went ape racing about the yard. Below is a fun video Tabs secretly made of Pip, the dogs and I while we played in the in the back yard snow. I laughed when I saw it—the dogs are nuts!

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