Spooky Visit To Universal Studios

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Had to pose with the Universal globe sculpture–it’s even more stunning in reality.

In honour of Halloween, I thought I’d share the most spooky moments from our visit at Universal studios on the Saturday before last. The entire studio was decorated for Halloween—zombies everywhere!

I’m an old-fashioned Halloween girl—I like spooky (witches, ghosts, supernatural), not gory (bloody corpses, violence). Universal was a little too gory for me. We’d been warned not to take the kids into a few exhibits. However…after a long and scorching hot day at the studio we were all ready to head home except Pip. She begged us to take her on one more ride. We were nearly exiting the gates when we passed the Haunted House Maze. I asked her if that would suffice. She was game. I asked the attendant if it was suitable for children. He said he didn’t recommend it but they were allowed through as long as they walked. He said many creatures would be jumping out and frightening us along our journey. I warned Pip and asked her if she would be all right with that. She assured me she was up for the maze. Peter took one of her hands and I the other. I again reiterated that there would be human adults in Halloween costumes jumping out at us to frighten us…

Parent Fail!

One of those parenting moments you wish you could take back…bad parents of the year award nominations for us…

It was so gory. I told PIp to close her eyes and we’d lead her through the maze. She did–thank-G!

I was too in mother mode to be frightened myself; but, for those of you who’ve watched Ellen Degeneres’ video of her staff in the Universal maze, it was the same thing only indoors—as it was in daylight when we toured the park.

From our tour of Universal Studio back lot: The original Bates house from the movie Psycho (1960) with the Bates Hotel in front…look closely, who do you see on the steps of the house? Norman? Could that be you after all these years?

I enjoyed the back studio tour at Universal. I love old Hollywood lore. Though, the rides are definitely more edgy and shock/action than Disney. If Disney were like a holiday season it would be Christmas. Whereas, Universal is all Halloween.

The Scooby Doo gang!

The most fun thing that happened in the studio, was a complete surprise!

Peter was walking back from lunch with Tabs and Pip (carrying three large dessert cookies for later). Suddenly, they noticed a van pull up beside them on the street and follow them—the Mystery Machine! All at once it stopped and Shaggy jumped out. He approached Peter and insisted Peter hand over the cookies—Shaggy offered to trade his milkshake for them. Peter argued with Shaggy for awhile until Shaggy finally stole the cookies. At that moment, Daphne exited the van and insisited Shaggy return the cookies to Peter.

Hanging with Scooby and the gang in Hollywood.

That is the story behind how my crew met Scooby and the gang at Universal Studios. The girls found the whole experience to be so much fun. They’ve all been huge Scooby fans since toddlerhood.

A view of the Universal backlot from above.

I hope you enjoy the rest of  the micro tour of Universal Studios backlot with us…

It was a real treat to view the actual stop animation set and sculptures used in the movie Coraline (2009)–a favourite creepy movie of both Mist and mine. The dolls are about the size of Barbies or Brat dolls.
About to ride into Jurassic Park–the waterfall drop was a little frightening and of course we got soaked!
Peter and the gals dancing as they cool down.
The original town of Amity Island and lake set from Jaws (1973). Notice Jaws (Bruce) hanging on the right? Spiellberg named the shark after his lawyer.
Pip watching the live animal act show–with the dog from the Marley & Me (2008)movie. (Peter looking on)
Mist and Pip.
One of Universal’s oldest and classic monster movie sets.
The set of War of the Worlds directed  by Spielberg (2005) (with Tom cruise).
War of the Worlds movie set.
War of the worlds movie set.
Tabs and Pip pose with the Apollo 13 landing craft–directed by Ron Howard 1995.
Cabin from The Great Outdoors (1988) with John Candy and Dan Akyroyd.

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  1. Sandra Hart
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    Good pictures as usual. Looks like everyone really enjoyed the experience.

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    Thanks S. We survived!

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