Peter Not-Pizzaface and the Sugar Shack at Sea

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Picture is of my daughter Tabs (6 years ago) posing in the abandon town of Molson,Washington, USA. The store in the pic is inspiration for the floating Sugar Shack in my middle years novel.

When I’m not writing freelance articles like this one:

–I am writing fiction. I’m finishing the final edit of the second novel in my middle years’ fiction series. All the books in the series take place in BC and I use a real event from history as inspiration for each book. In the first book, Peter Not-Pizzaface and the Decrepit Caboose, I use the fascinating history behind the Kettle Valley Railway (one of the highest mountain railway passes on earth) as inspiration. For the second novel, Peter Not-Pizzaface and the Sugar Shack at Sea, I use a true historical and horrific event that included the town of Britannia Beach, BC being swept into the ocean by a gigantic wave of water. My third novel in the series is inspired by the history of the Islands of Haida Gwaii (can hardly wait for my trip up there to do research) and Sasquatch! I Love writing this series and I hope that they become well loved children’s novels.

I am very much enjoying editing Peter-Not-Pizzaface and the Sugar Shack at Sea book because as I’m editing it, I find myself drawn in. Even though I’m the author, I am delighted and surprised when a new character appears. The book has a lot of suspense, I am right there as I edit it, can hardly wait to turn the page to see what’s going to happen (it’s been at least a year since the last edit). The novel is real-life fantasy with strong environmental themes and comical, enduring characters. The novel is fast paced and exciting with suspense, fantasy and action adventure at every turn! As soon as my first novel is published, this book will be ready in the queue. It appears as though all three of my novels will be ready for publishing at once!

It will be great to get this particular book edited, then I am free to start a new novel from scratch. The past three years I’ve done nothing but edit existing work; it will be liberating to write a new book from scratch again.

Within the next spring months, I’ll have my author’s web page up and my first Peter Not-Pizzaface novel will be published as an  eBook. Off to work I must go…

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    Sounds very interesting. I can hardly wait to read the
    first book!

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