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Peter accepting his teaching award from UBC. The award means he is in the top %10 of all teachers at UBCO as evaluated and voted on by undergraduate students.
I need to do some work today so this will be short.
I purchased a set of learn to read books for Pip yesterday and she can read! She read her fist book, cover to cover, out-loud several times yesterday. She loves the alphabet and is always asking “How you spell that?” so I determined she was ready to start reading and is she ever–the little darling just turned 4!
Mist is home today, perhaps bronchitis, I will take her to the doctor. Tabs went back to school today after several days at home with a nasty cold.
Man I love to salsa! I definitely have to do salsa Thursdays. It’s the kind of dance/music that I can get lost in. It is so passionate.
Date night tonight–yee ha! Swedish film (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and tacos I’m thinking.
Purchased an amazing book on Malaysia and Borneo and now I am so excited about our July trip–Jungles, beaches, snorkeling, Orangutans! I have little interest in exploring Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, I just want to get to the beaches and jungles and experience the nature.

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  1. Caesar
    | Reply

    Watch out for East Sabah Borneo–kidnapping of foreign tourist a high threat.

  2. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    I know– that’s where our baby boys live at the orangutan sanctuary 🙁

  3. Johan
    | Reply

    Way to go Peter! There is no better way to learn than if you have to teach what you want to learn.
    Pip will be yet another genius – maybe she will outdo auntie T. in the reading department…
    Hope all your fantasies of Borneo come to reality, but don’t hold your breath too long!


    P.S. You’re a Canadian (not a foreign) tourist

  4. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    good. I guess then I am safe to travel–no one said they kidnap “Canadians”

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