Tabitha’s Journey

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Tabitha on The Next Star with Adamo Ruggiero.

My daughter Tabitha has been on a musical Journey. It started when she decided she wanted to audition for The Next Star in Vancouver.

I told Tabitha if she could accompany herself on piano to the song she wanted to sing, I would take her to Vancouver for the audition.

Tabby did it. She rocked Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing on piano and belted out the lyrics. Although she didn’t make it to Toronto, she made it through 3 Vancouver cuts.

She also managed to get a guest spot at the beginning of The Next Star Vancouver episode. A speaking role, alongside the host Adamo Ruggiero.







The next time Tabitha sang for an audience was at a Buddhist MIndfulness camp in Westwind Oregon, USA. She wowed the entire camp by singing a Don’t Stop Believing solo. The monastics at the camp gave her the Dharma name:

Powerful Voice of the Heart


Finally, Tabitha’s musical quest with Journey and their song Don’t Stop Believing culminated with tickets to last week’s Journey concert. Her dad accompanied her. She even video taped herself singing along with Journey when they sang Don’t Stop believing.

Tabby and Her Dad–Journey Concert








I hope you enjoy the video below–a few short clips of Tabitha performing Don’t Stop Believing:


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