Rise Up! The World Is Yours to Explore

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Rise Up! The World Is Yours to Explore Tabitha (my middle daughter) graduates from high school this month (KSS, Kelowna Secondary School ). She is also fondly known as Tabs, Tabby Cat, Tabsaroni and Sparkle Plenty (and a few more, but … Read More

My Lovely Daughters

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Mist, Tabs and Pip pose before their piano recital A dramatic pose A relaxed pose Mom couldn’t stay away Me and my girls Tabitha and Mistaya played piano at The Dorchester retirement home last evening. The students perform and the … Read More

My Girls

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First day of school 2010 (Pip preschool).Still have the bug. It is a upper/lower respiratory. Of course, everyone else in the family has it as a head cold. Not me. No, I have it in my chest. My lungs are … Read More

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