The Summer of No Return

  At this very moment, I write this to the endless sound of water bombers soaring overhead, one after another, off to fight a war started by our own forestry industry against the forests of British Columbia. I remain inside, … Read More

Walk Toward Wild

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My creative research in digital art & humanities at the University of British Columbia looks at the human-wolf symbiotic connection throughout history, as a mirror for modern humanity’s disconnection from nature. I examine the anti-wolf origins of the Western world. … Read More

Last Cedar Standing

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Last Cedar Standing Creative Research in British Columbia’s Southern Interior Rainforest   This is a short video I made as a class assignment this last fall. It’s an overview of my creative research at the University of British Columbia. I … Read More

The End of Earth Generation: Finding Hope When Hope Seems Delusional

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I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world—E. B. White I long to relate to the above quote by E.B. White. I understand his desires yet they do … Read More