Symbolic Gestures of a Young Mind

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Sometimes, important messages from my children are communicated through art and symbolic gestures rather than words. My darling daughter Pippi made this inuit inspired, soap stone bear sculpture last year in grade one as a present for her dad on … Read More

Mindful Moment: The Big Clean

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Cleaning the house seems anything but mindful. The word drudgery makes more sense. But what I’ve discovered, is that by making house cleaning a weekly family event, the drudgery is transformed into team building.  On a deeper level, each family … Read More

Monday’s Mindful Tip: A Moment of Chess

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On some Monday’s I’m going to share a little tip on how to bring mindfulness into the lives of you and your child. For my first Monday’s MIndful Tip I am suggesting the game of chess. Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting … Read More