Yukon Adventure

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Yukon Adventure Photo credit:¬†https://www.flickr.com/photos/glacier_fed/ I received a grant from the Canadian Council of the Arts to finish my next novel, which takes place in the Yukon. I started to write the novel a while ago and then put it aside … Read More

Peter Not-Pizzaface and the Sugar Shack at Sea

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When I’m not writing freelance articles like this one: http://familyshare.com/the-nitty-gritty-on-how-to-survive-a-flight-with-young-children?Itemid=631 –I am writing fiction. I’m finishing the final edit of the second novel in my middle years’ fiction series. All the books in the series take place in BC and … Read More

Create, Toil and Die

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Why does an artist keep at it? It is the obsessive need to create along with the acknowledgement that one has deeply suffered–living outside the “normal” society model of working 9-5 for an institution and receiving a paycheck. To stop … Read More


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Me Right Now Just got in from the girls piano concert. Both had a wee case of the nerves today and their fingers slipped a bit. However they did spendidily anyway considering they had a busy week and not much … Read More