The Mist, The Tabs and The Pip

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Fun weekend–Armstrong Fair was good. The kids loved seeing all of the different animals. Sooo crowded. I stupidly went on The Spider ride with Mist. Felt dizzy and sick afterward. However, I was pleased that although the fair was obscenely crowded, everyone was so polite! I must have accidentally bumped into a dozen or so people with my stroller and all of them were decent! Some actually said sorry to me! Today a hike and picnic at Fintry was wonderful. The weather was perfect and the Pip had such fun running all over the expansive lawn. Mist and Tabs had fun racing around the labrynth and stil had energy to climb up to the falls.Thought PJ was going to have a cardiac on the way up to the falls with Pip in the backpack but he assured me it was his legs that were hurting from a past volleyball game.May go to the late show tonight with Pete–see how we feel.Pip can point to all of her body parts–knees,elbows too! Such a clever little dickens! Mist and Tabs having a blast with their latest doll purchases–Mattel teen dools–that allowance is burning a hole in their pockets.

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