Two Retired & Injured U.S. Soldiers Insisted We Watch This…

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Sisters waiting for the show to begin…

My three daughters and I spent two days of our California trip at Disney while Peter was at a conference. We triumphed, pulling in 12h seamless days–no melt downs, no illness or injuries. 24h of pure fun! It was very hot—we coped by purchasing frozen lemonade cups.

Waiting for the last bus out of Disneyland, we met two retired (and injured) U.S. soldiers walking with canes.

They’d come from Nevada for a guys’ weekend break (an uncle with his nephew). Their wives were back home attending a Christian retreat; they decided it was time that they had a guy-retreat and picked Disneyland. The Uncle told us he’d first been to Disneyland in the early 50s when he was nine years old. I asked them if they were enjoying their trip. You bet they were (despite the nephew having to be pumped full of painkillers to enable him to walk around)!

They’d finished a full day at California Adventure Land and we’d just finished a full day at Disneyland. 

They’d just come from the World of Colour Light and Water show. The show starts 1/2 h after the park closes. They were so impressed by the show, they made us promise to go and see it the next day, “Whatever you do, don’t miss it!”

We said goodbye to the soldiers as we exited the bus at our hotel stop, on a warm California night.

The next day, after a full day of heat, at the California Adventure park, we were all pooped and ready to catch a bus back to our hotel. NO,” Tabs insisted, “we promised those soldiers we’d stay for the show!

We sat down for an Italian supper at 8 p.m., just as the park was closing.  There were very few people at the outdoor Disney cafe. I had a relaxing Spaghetti supper break while the girls ordered pizza (Tabs), a turkey meatball sub (Pip), and Mist a gourmet pasta dish. With wheat in our bellies, we had the renewed energy to use our fast passes and head to the not to be missed extravaganza the soldiers had talked about.

The water, light and colour extravaganza did not disappoint. The soldiers had been right in insisting we stay.

I hope you enjoy a brief clip of the opening scene from the water and light, World of Colour extravaganza!

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