Typhoon Kong Kong Phooey

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More Hong Kong. It is funny, while in Hong Kong I kept remembering the phrase “Hong Kong Phooey.” It took me awhile to realize it came from “Scooby Doo”–thanks to my gals and their Scooby -Doo obsession!
Flight delayed a bit from the typhoon that swept through Asia–the rain on the runway was incredible.
Home…home…waiting for my darling girls to arrive from Nelson any minute now.
Learned so very much while away–will try to share some pearls with you as the weeks unfold.
Hong Kong an amazing place. Real China on the ying and western excess on the yang–all squished together on an Island.
Pics are from the “W” hotel and the Star-ferry as we visited Hong Kong Island from peninsular Kowloon. The W was so mod–played this flat, removed Euro music in the halls and elevators–it put one into such a stooper–I swear they piped Opium into the elevators because one trip and I was a puddle of relaxation.
Peter’s tailored shirt looks amazing btw–from Charms.
And only in Hong Kong–“diamond” encrusted Mercedes.

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