Once Upon A Time Tour

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Once Upon A Time Walking Tour Of Storybrooke, Maine

 AKA Steveston, British Columbia

Ritchie, Pip and I in front of the Storybrooke Library.

This spring I took my girls on a tour of Storybrooke, Maine—the fictional town from the Disney TV show Once Upon a Time. Pippi and I are huge fans of the show and Tabby is a moderate fan too. My friend Ritchie (friends since we were teenagers) and daughter Mist were along for the delightful walk on a sunshiny day through the streets of Steveston, BC.

Ritch and my girls arrive in the town of Storybrooke and begin our tour at the Storybrooke Post Office.

I love Once Upon A Time because the acting is superb and the fairytale aspect of the show’s plot is addictive; anything can and will happen when magic is involved! I especially love that the show celebrates strong female characters. Pippi’s favourite actress is Lana Parilla (who plays Regina in the show). Lana is an amazing actress (she plays good and evil equally well) and Regina is one of my favourite characters too. I love so many of the characters though, it’s hard to pick favourites but Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle), Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Robin Hood (Sean Maquire) are just a few more of mine.

Exploring Storybrooke is a dream come true for Pippi and I (die-hard Once Upon a Time fans).

Pippi and I enjoy the one night a week that we curl up on my bed together and watch the latest episode. It’s the only TV we watch together. The only TV either one of us watches all week except for the reruns of Full House that Pippi squeezes in after school.


It was the most beautiful coastal day in Richmond, BC. My friend Ritchie picked us up from our hotel in his car and we headed to the bustling but quaint streets of Steveston, to see the infamous set of Storybrooke. Storybrooke did not disappoint; although filming wrapped up for the season about a month ago, the street very much resembles the one we see on TV. There are little changes post filming except that many of the store front names revert back to their original signage. Pippi wants to go back again, once filming starts, so she might catch a glimpse of her favourite actor Lana Parilla!

Pippi and I “borrow” Mr. Gold’s wheels while in town…

Steveston is the perfect sea-side town. I understand why Disney latched onto it for the Once…series. It is historical, picturesque and on ocean’s edge. I want to move there! I love BC’s coast, I think my mind remembers the geography from when I was a baby–I lived on the coast in Vancouver and Port Moody as a baby/toddler.

Pippi wanted to check out Mr. Gold’s pawn shop for treasures!
Ritchie, Me and Pip take a break after stopping by Mr. Gold’s and purchasing a few rare jewels. We purchased necklaces resembling Regina’s skeleton key and the Dark One’s dagger.

I hope you enjoy the brief photo essay of our day exploring Storybrooke aka Steveston.

All the touring made us thirsty so we stopped by Granny’s Diner for a root beer.
Onward to the harbour front for a tour of Fisherman’s Wharf (my girls and Ritch).
Loved exploring Fisherman’s Wharf–felt like I was either in Seattle or San Francisco!
Tabby with Lolly
Mist & Tabs
Pip and Mom

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