Voortman Cookie Party!

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A delivery truck parks in front of my house and rings the bell.
The driver hands me a large box with the Voortman label on front.
The parcel is filled with delectable cookies of all shapes, sizes and flavours!
I feel like I just won the last ticket to tour Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
The beach will have to wait.
Let the tasting begin!
P6100001My daughters’ eyes light up as I open the box and discover bag upon bag of Voortman cookies. The variety of cookies to try is tantalizing!

When I tell my girls that it is our job to eat the cookies, they think it’s Christmas in June!

Voortman Cookies appeal to me because they are a Canadian Company founded by two brothers who arrived in Ontario from the Netherlands in the 1950s. Also, all Voortman cookies are transfat free and they have so many tasty types that I decided it was time to try a few…

Voortman Chunky Chip


These are the cookie that tempted even my husband (who tends to avoid sweets). The cookies have an ideal texture and the chocolate pieces are plentiful. I recommend these to anyone who loves chocolate chip cookies. However, my husband and I seem to enjoy these cookies more than our girls. They are hooked on the cookies below…

Voortman Cookies ‘n Cream Wafers


These tasty wafers are a favourite of all three of my daughters (mine too). They are sweet and light and truly satisfy any sweet cravings. My daughters say they are delicious and want me to purchase another bag asap.

Voortman Vanilla Wafers


The Vanilla Wafers are just as delightful as the Cookies ‘n Cream Wafers. Sweet and light, they are a favourite treat in my girls’ school lunches.

Voortman Mini Coconut Crunch


Having suddenly become aware of the nutritional benefits of coconut, I’ve been eating a lot more of coconut in my daily diet. Thus, I have developed a new taste for the fruit and the Mini Coconut Crunch cookies satisfy my coconut cravings. They are delicious little bites: crunchy, sweet and full of coconut flavour! I limit myself to only a few of these cookies daily; only because they are so tasty, one could easily polish off a dozen! Again, it seems these cookies appeal more to my adult tastebuds than my children’s/teen’s.

Voortman Raspberry Turnover


The raspberry turnovers are a soft cookie with a true oatmeal texture and taste and a robust raspberry flavour. I find these cookies very tasty and slightly less sweet than the other cookies—a great cookie to have with a cup of tea. These satisfying cookies appeal more to my adult tastebuds than my daughters’ as they are not big fans of soft cookie textures.

The results are in; my family’s favourite Voortman Cookies are:

Cookies ‘n Cream Wafers (all 3 of my daughters adore these cookies and want me to purchase more).

Mini Coconut Crunch (I love the flavour of these little cookies—crunchy and coconutty).

Chocolate Chunky Chips (My husband loves these cookies and wants another bag).

Recently, I found a display of Voortman cookies in a local grocery store. I was impressed with all the variety of cookies and discovered they have Coconut Cream Wafers! I’d like to try these next as they combine the best of the sweet and light wafer texture with yummy coconut.

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  1. Sandra Hart
    | Reply

    They sound delicious! I’ll be trying them. The coconut ones appeal to me.

    • Mix Hart
      | Reply

      They are tasty!

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