Writing Drought Turns Into Torrential Storm

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The stunning front yard of our friends’ ranch (where we stayed on Shuswap Lake this past weekend).

I spent last weekend on the breath taking ranch of some friends on Shuswap Lake, British Columbia. I also attended the Salmon Arm Writer’s Festival. It was a fruitful weekend on many counts. My daughters and I enjoyed the great hospitality of our hosts and had a fun-filled weekend and I also attended the writers’ conference with one of my sisters and a nephew (my family likes to write)–that’s my third writing conference this year, a record!

2013-05-25 17.47.33
Me on board the Salmon Arm Writers’ Festival boat cruise on Shuswap Lake–now that’s how to do a writers’ festival!

I made some amazing connections at the conference and some great leads. These leads have added more work (and possible travel) to my deadline pile.



 One of the most wonderful thing about the conference was a lake cruise. I hope you enjoy pics of our evening cruise on Shuswap Lake (of my nephew, sister and I) and some pics of the front yard of my friends ranch on Shuswap Lake. Sorry for the tiny pics but they were taken with my Smartphone.

I have been up to my scalp in work this past week. Many writing deadlines have suddenly landed in my lap and I am spinning my wheels to get them all accomplished. My dear mom is visiting for a few days to help me manage my home and these quests. We did manage a quick movie: The Great Gatsby–very enjoyable, I read the novel and watched the original movie when I was a teen so this new version was a real treat! I also read every single thing F. Scott Fitzgerald has ever written when I was a teenager–I had a flapper alter ego at the time.

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