You Gotta Love This Billboard:

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Yes, this is for real. It greets those entering Kelowna via Vancouver. Mist was the one to first read it. She thinks it’s “revolting.”
I think it’s hilarious.
Hard workout day:run and Bear Creek hike with Pip on my back. It was hot out.
Pip and I are both addicted to Blue October’s “Hate Me.”
Just got back from Tabs dance lessons and now Mist has just left with her dad for ballet.
My I Pod dock isn’t working very well and it is interrupting my painting! I need my music to paint to.
Man, I crave an adventure lately. I need to travel somewhere exotic.

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  1. Miranda
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    Im not keen on the sign..a blight on the landscape is what I’d call it. THose billboards have got to go.

    Im still curious why your investing so much time exercising? If time was unlimited, sure….but sadly it’s not. HOw do you have time to do anything?

  2. QueenMJ
    | Reply

    Yes, Serious George–you have a valid point: Billboards are an abomination. But in this particular case they reside on West Bank Indian Nation land and are not going anywhere any time soon. That’s why the commic relief is so nesessary.

  3. theresa_hart
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    All I can say is that I wish my boy had been the first to spot that billboard. By now every kid in Nelson would know about it.

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