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Lavender Lemonade

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Lavender Lemonade Scroll down for recipe… Drinking homemade, organic, lavender lemonade is a wholistic, healing nectar. It’s good for the body, the mind and spirit. I’ve been drinking lavender lemonade for the past... Read More

Rise Up! The World Is Yours to Explore

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Rise Up! The World Is Yours to Explore Tabitha (my middle daughter) graduates from high school this month (KSS, Kelowna Secondary School ). She is also fondly known as Tabs, Tabby Cat, Tabsaroni and... Read More

A Visit With Hemingway, Florida Keys

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A Visit with Hemingway, Florida Keys The Key West that Hemingway knew, nearly one hundred years ago, was truly a paradise. I imagine Key West as it once was, with streets lined with charming... Read More