Working with Mix Hart is a win-win!

Mix Hart has definitely created a great blog where all Canadian mothers (and women!) can recognize themselves in and learn a lot from. The quality of the posts and the diligence of Mix’s work lead to another professional contract between her and I. Since her first article, I must admit I’m looking forward to read her opinion, each time clever and funny!
Thank you for your great contribution to the success of our project Mix! Congrats on your blog…!
-Marie-Chantal Pelletier (Newad)

A great blog

Mix Hart’s blog is one of the top Canadian mommy blogs for very good reasons: the blog engages its readers with great in-depth content on a wide range of topics from world inequalities towards women, to craft, food and motherhood. Mix Hart symbolizes awareness.
-Mailin Boppe and The Dizolve Team (Eco-strips Laundry Detergent)

Mix Hart symbolizes awareness

I‘ve had the chance to work with Mix a handful of instances and have loved the experience every time. Her warm and friendly personality makes interacting with her a breeze.  She delivers fast results, is quick to respond and creates work that is genuine and aligned with our discussed vision.
-Bria Weaver (Harbinger Ideas)

Warm and friendly personality