An Open Letter to School Administrators about Dress Code: Stop Shaming Our Little Girls.

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School Districts need researched and tested non-sexist dress codes. Anything less leads to little girls being publicly shamed by adults and peers at school. My 3 daughters are bright, popular, well-behaved, happy girls and A students. However, despite their successes, … Read More

In Quest of The Perfect Winter Day

Sometimes I want it all, even if just for a day. I have a vision of the perfect winter day, my kind of perfect day. It involves alipine skiing at SilverStar mountain followed by tubing on the mountain, supper at … Read More

The Very First Day: a report on State of the World’s Mothers 2013

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The Very First Day Save the Children released its State of the World’s Mothers 2013 report this week. Every human being on the earth today needs to read this report. It’s about us, we, the collective family of the human … Read More

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