Mix is an artist, exploring the rare northern rainforests of her Pacific Northwest Canadian home, and the ancient northern rainforests of her Irish & Norse ancestral homelands.
She holds dear that she is of the Gaels (forest people), of the ancient Irish Hart (O’hAirt) Bear Clan, Southern Ui Neill Dynasty—descendants of Corman Mac Airt—Wolf King & High King of Tara, Ireland 3C.


Mix Hart

Mix Hart’s pursuits lie at the intersection of storytelling and fine art. Queen of the Godforsaken is Mix Hart’s debut novel, published in 2015 by Thistledown Press. Mix received an artist grant from the Canada Council of the Arts to assist with the completion of her upcoming, literary fiction novel, Naked Under the Midnight Sun. In addition, Mix writes the Peter-Not Pizzaface junior fiction series and is an award-winning blogger. Her blog has won the Top-Ten-Parent-Blogs, from Axka Group Inc., 2015, and also the Top Canadian Mom Blogs, from Popsugar, 2011, 2012. Mix is also a traditional (and digital) oil painter. She taught academic writing at Okanagan College and was an English Narrative Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of British Columbia. In addition, she holds two professional teaching certificates (K-12) from the provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Mix is interested in “The Story of Us” —the human-wolf interspecies relationship from its ancient beginnings to present day—via creative narrative. During her PhD studies at the University of British Columbia, she received a Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship Award.

Mix has lived all across the wilds of Canada, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coasts, including the Yukon, as well as in London, UK, and Brisbane, Australia. British Columbia is home. She lives on a mountain top in Kelowna with her husband, three daughters, and two dogs. When Mix has free time, she spends it outside in nature, on her paddleboard. If forced indoors, you’ll find her dancing to Latin music.