Mix Hart


Mix Hart’s pursuits lie at the intersection of storytelling and fine art. Currently based in British Columbia, she has lived all across Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coasts including the Yukon as well as in London, UK and Queensland, Australia. Her passion for the arts began in Toronto while studying Fashion Design. She has a Master of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia; her thesis examined online multi-authored and multimedia story telling. She presented her research at the 6th International Conference on e-Learning. She currently teaches writing at Okanagan College.


Writer and Storyteller

Mix is a multimedia writer. She currently writes novels, junior fiction, and freelance articles. Her first YA novel Queen of the Godforsaken was published by Thistledown Press, 2015.

Multimedia Artist

Mix is a traditional and digital oil painter specializing in realism.

She is also an environmental activist—focusing her attention on preserving local wildlife and wild spaces.

Mix lives on a mountain top with her husband, three daughters and two dogs. When she has free time you’ll find her outside in nature, exploring the amazing wild spaces remaining on Earth.