Keeping Active with Freiberg’s

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Keeping Active with Freiberg’s I’ve  decided to post about my recent sports injury to prevent other athletes from doing unnecessary damage to their feet and also, to clear up any misconceptions about why I haven’t been able to run and do other high … Read More

Humans Value What They Know

Humans Value What They Know If children do not explore nature, they do not know nature. They will not fight to protect what they do not know. It is imperative that parents take their children to the wild spaces near … Read More

Okanagan Lake Dip Challenge New Year Finale!

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Okanagan Lake Dip Challenge Week XII January 1, 2015, Tug Boat Beach, Lake Okanagan, BC Vivat Okanagan Lake! My daughter (Tabitha, age 14), sister (Miranda) and I began our 12 week challenge on Thanksgiving Day 2014. Our challenge was to … Read More