Balloon Volley Ball

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My girls playing hard.
Back home.
Very tired today. Feel like I am fighting Pip’s cold.
Tonight I want to take Peter to “Shutter Island”–the movie. Hopefully all will work out.
Very excited to try out my new barefoot runners. Yes, seems like an oxymoron. However, they are the closest thing to actually being barefoot. And I believe in the superiority in barefoot running over running in running shoes. The running shoe manufactures have duped the world into thinking one has to have maximum padding in order to run properly. However, all that extra “support” actually causes one to run awkwardly and puts all ligaments and joints under strain. Since I switched to barefoot running, I’ve had no injuries. I used to hurt all the time running in my top of the line, special ordered, expensive running shoes.
I really don’t want a cold as I finally am back at my exercise regime and I love it. I’m even going back to ┬áBikrams on Friday–gotta finish out my membership–WAY too expensive to waste.
2 weeks until Hawaii–am I excited? YES
Have fallen head over heels in love with the cat pictured on the SPCA site–oh how I want to adopt him. I soooo miss having a kitty to love. Peter will divorce me if I adopt another pet. Yet…..

  1. Sandra
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    Don’t you dare adopt another pet.
    Dodo is all anyone could handle!!

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