Golden Days Of Spring: Okanagan WildFlowers

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Balsam Root Fields Forever Each spring the mountain sides surrounding the Okanagan Valley turn gold with breathtaking wild blossoms. This is my favourite time of year. It is like living each day surrounded by small bursts of celestial, golden sun … Read More

Cathedral Grove: Land Of Giant Trees

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Cathedral Grove: Land Of Giant Trees Macmillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island This spring break, my family hiked through some amazing West Coast forests in British Columbia. Cathedral Grove is a rare section of an old growth Douglas fir/redwood cedar ecosystem on … Read More

Englishman River Falls Hike, Vancouver Island

Englishman River Falls Hike, Vancouver Island A saunter through Englishman River Falls Park, with its roaring waterfalls and moss covered giant trees, is most definitely, “…near the heart of the world.” -John Muir My family began our spring break BC … Read More

Family Hiking Tour Of BC’s South Coasts: Lighthouse Park

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Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia This spring break my family decided to spend a week hiking through some of the rainforests of my home province of British Columbia. My husband, Peter, our eldest daughter, Mistaya, and our youngest daughter, … Read More

Vancouver Weekend

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Vancouver Weekend Hot New Vancouver Trend: Public Reading Hipsters are keeping their cell phones in their pockets and reaching for a good book! @ Vancouver Fairmont Pacific Rim I spent the weekend before last in Vancouver–we picked up my eldest … Read More

Earth’s One & Only Inland Temperate Rainforest

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Hiking In Earth’s Only Inland Temperate Rainforest Columbia Mountains, Revelstoke, British Columbia The Inland Temperate Rainforest exists in Southern British Columbia, in the Columbia Mountains which are nestled between the Rocky Mountains to the East and the Monashee Mountains to the … Read More

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