Ancient Trackways: Rainforest Peoples

Ancient Trackways: Rainforest Peoples This is the third instalment in my journey to trace my ancient trackways. I share my journey as I explore the wild scapes that have shaped who I am and have left traces in my DNA memory. … Read More

Following Ancient Trackways

Shout Out to Earth’s Wild Childs! …those who feel the call of the wild—a deep connectedness to the natural landscapes that they call home. We literally become a part of these wild scapes—we breath the oxygen provided by the trees, … Read More

Last Cedar Standing

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Last Cedar Standing Creative Research in British Columbia’s Southern Interior Rainforest   This is a short video I made as a class assignment this last fall. It’s an overview of my creative research at the University of British Columbia. I … Read More

Queensland Rainforests: D’Aguilar National Park

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D’Aguilar National Park, Queensland, Australia The rainforests of Queensland are the largest subtropical rainforests on earth. D’Aguilar National Forest is only a 30 minute drive from Brisbane and yet the forest is an entirely different, wild-jungle world of tropical vines, … Read More

An Autumn Rainforest Stroll

An Autumn Rainforest Stroll Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia I am addicted to the temperate rainforests of British Columbia. I find peace inside the towering ancient trees. My favourite thing to do in life is to get “lost” inside … Read More

In Search of Incomappleux

In Search of Incomappleaux by Mix Hart January 27, 2023 Important Incomappleux Update: The Incomappleux River Valley, British Columbia’s ancient, globally unique, Inland Temperate Rainforest— and the critically endangered mountain caribou it supports—has just been protected! ***Incomappleux Valley’s protected status is due to the … Read More

In Search of a Secret Rainforest

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In Search of a Secret Rainforest I set out with my youngest daughters and husband to find a secret rainforest that I discovered through my research on Earth’s (one and only) inland, temperate rainforest. I am in love with this unique, … Read More

Off To Explore a Mystical Forest with 1200 Year Old Trees, In a Valley You’ve Never Heard Of

Off To Explore a Mystical Forest with 1200 Year Old Trees, In a Valley You’ve Never Heard Of A quick note to say I’m off this morning in search of a mystical valley with my youngest daughters and Peter. We … Read More

Englishman River Falls Hike, Vancouver Island

Englishman River Falls Hike, Vancouver Island A saunter through Englishman River Falls Park, with its roaring waterfalls and moss covered giant trees, is most definitely, “…near the heart of the world.” -John Muir My family began our spring break BC … Read More

Family Hiking Tour Of BC’s South Coasts: Lighthouse Park

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Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia This spring break my family decided to spend a week hiking through some of the rainforests of my home province of British Columbia. My husband, Peter, our eldest daughter, Mistaya, and our youngest daughter, … Read More