She Is Able

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She is able who thinks she is able. — Buddha

















My daughter Pippi recently attended the 6th Birthday party of her boyfriend, Logan. They are both in grade one at the same school and live on the same street but they are in different classrooms. They met last year in kindergarten. They consider themselves to be boyfriend/girlfriend–that is, they share a mutual fondness and friendship.

Pippi was the only girl invited to the party amongst 15 little boys. It was a floor hockey birthday party. Pippi told me that she was “a really good floor hockey player.”  Apparently, she also told Logan that she was, “a really good floor hockey player.”  Logan’s mom told me that Logan had mentioned to her what a great floor hockey player Pippi was. I assumed she learned how to play at school.

We arrived at the party and I accompanied Pippi in to the gym to watch her select a red hockey stick. I stayed for a moment, to make sure she was confident enough to join in the game (with a gym already filled with little boys and their hockey sticks–most of whom play on competitive hockey teams already).

It didn’t take me long to realize my daughter has never played floor hockey in her life. She sauntered up to me and asked me how the stick works. I showed her how to hold it and how to hit the puck and that the goal is to hit the puck into the net and steal the puck from the other players. Away she went, running all over that gym and hitting the puck as best she could. And then the older boys arrived to join the game (an older brother’s combined party). Pippi became the only girl amongst 25 boys. Pippi played on.

Pippi is my inspiration. She was convinced she’d be good at floor hockey and entered a gym full of hockey playing boys as a complete new-be. She rocked that gym and even scored a goal.

Take it from Pippi, all it takes is the confidence to try something, and even when the task becomes increasingly difficult, stay with it. Experience builds as you go–in real time.

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    Pippi is amazing!

    • Mix Hart
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      I learn so much from her.

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