Kootenay Lake, BC

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Joop preparing his “Barbie” boat for our 3 h tour….the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed…if not for the courage of the fearless crew, the Barbie would be lost…
Joop, Peter and Tabs.
Peter helping Mist with her life jacket.
Fernando and Pip.
Fernando giving me a kiss–he missed his mom. However, boating has become a part of his regular lifestyle down here in the Kootenays–he lives the life of of Riley. (My pooch Fernando has spent the last month visiting my sister Theresa and her family in an attempt to train him–he had many bad puppy habits at my home–nipping Pip a lot).
Kyran, Hermie (Fernando’s best friend and cousin) and Mistaya.
Kyran swimming with Fernando.
Mistaya heading into the cold water. The locals swear their Kootenay water is “refreshing” and think us Okanaganites whimps–but hey, we’re used to bath water down home in Lake Okanagan!
Joop fishing–he caught a fresh water mussel on his line!
Kyran(my nephew)  fishing while doing air-guitar.

We’re in Nelson for a little vacation. We’re taking Kyran back with us to Kelowna–he’ll be babysitting Anemone and Artemisia for a few weeks. We are also taking home our Fernando, the pug. I do hope he keeps up his good habits on returning to our wild home. He has had such fun in Nelson with AuntieT and family–especially with his cousin dogs Hermie and Archie.
And SO SORRY Miranda and John, I guess Peter was right: as we scarfed down the Death-By-Chocolate cheesecake for breakfast, Peter said, “I bet John K has his binoculars on and they are waiting for us to leave before they dash over to finish off the cake.” But truly, we are sorry…but come on, it was Death-By-Chocolate…and Peter and I do have uncontrollable sweet tooths…. 😉
-I’ll post the blog pics leading up to the consumption of the cake when I get home–we had a great BBQ the night before we left on our trip down here to Nelson.

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  1. Sandra
    | Reply

    Looks like everyone is having a great time in Nelson. DoDo looks like he has grown a lot.

    Hope the choc cheesecake for breakfast didn’t make you feel too sick!

  2. Miranda
    | Reply

    What a slice of heaven…cant wait for my own kootenay experience.

    (I hope the cheesecake for breakfast made you feel VERY ill!!!! Naughty knickers)

  3. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    No, sorry to dissapoint–no nausia from the cake….
    and yes, the boat is great fun!

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