Life Is An Adventure: Thank You 2015


Soar, Glitter In The Sun

2016 has arrived. I’d like to thank everyone whose life intersected with mine in 2015 (even the deer that charged me and attempted to head-butt me over a cliff). The joyful experiences we shared brought me peace and the challenging experiences taught me a lot.

I created the above inspirational picture/quote for my readers who are about to leap into 2016 with wings wide open to new adventures. I hope 2016 is your year to unabashedly glow in your greatness. Have no shame in being the best you can be and never let those suffering from self loathing try to drag you down to their level. Those who are suffering from self loathing may seem to be your “haters” but in truth, if you are kind to yourself and others, your happiness will be an obtainable example to others. So go, glitter in the sun—you will inspire those ready to take one small step towards self-love and true happiness.

A new experience of 2015 was the publishing of my debut novel Queen of The Godforsaken by Thistledown Press. This was the biggest learning experience of my career. Planning and executing my own book tour was challenging yet it illuminated my talents (public speaking/sales) and also my weaknesses (easy to become obsessed with the business side of art and leave myself with little time to keep creating).

Last week, I was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping with my girls. My daughters busied themselves with making sure copies of my book were on all the right display stands in easy view. I realized at that moment that one of my goals (dreams) had finally come true. I remember for years and years going in to Chapters and thinking, one day my novel will be on these shelves. It finally hit me that the reality of that thought has manifested into truth: Queen Of The Godforsaken is on Chapters shelves. This is pretty cool. I’m continually receiving great feed back from readers ages 13-80—I thank each one of you who has reached out to me to write a little note to tell me that you loved Queen Of The Godforsaken and also thank you to those who rated/reviewed the novel on Amazon and Goodreads! Your opinions mean a lot to me

Another new experience was having my eldest daughter leave home and move to the big city of Vancouver. She was very busy and independent for the last year she spent at home so we were sort of prepared for life without seeing her each and everyday. However, it wasn’t until she came home now, for Christmas break, that I fully realized how much more complete our family feels with her home. Our family just feels right with her home. Though, she loves living in Vancouver and going to UBC so I am happy that she is happy.

A few other 2015 adventure highlights were my family’s trip to Hawaii, Hawaii in February and then my end of August trip to New York City with Mistaya. I love to travel so trips are always high on my list of great things to do with my life!

I have plans for 2016, big plans, as I continue along my career path, I must make room for two entrepreneur ventures—I am starting 2 new businesses this year. They have been in the planning stages for some time. They are top-secret for now but you will hear all about them as they unfold: one is a creative venture that my daughter Pippi and I invented together and will now market, the other is an academic-style business.

I will continue to write and paint—my creative career will continue full force: writing my next novel, having my Jr. fiction series published and painting (illustration style creatures) for a project I’m working on.

*Both new businesses are partnerships so although this year will be super busy career wise, it will be doable.

Happy New Year 2016!

May this be the year humanity begins to give back to the Earth and her wild creatures 

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