Pizzaface Time

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Biscuit     Oil on Canvas,  by Mix Hart

This is Biscuit. He’s a yellow-bellied marmot and a character in my middle years fiction novel. He  makes an appearance in all three novels of the Peter Not- Pizzaface series. He is the pet of a character named Hippy. The novels are fantasy, action, adventure and humour. They take place in the wondrous and thrilling, BC wilderness. The protagonist is an eleven year old boy and the other main characters are strong girls and women.

I’ve had a crazy month of writing day and night and attending writing conferences, meeting with agents etc. My literary novel, Queen of the Godforsaken is finished. So now I am moving on to self-editing my middle years novels.

I am not using my paintings in my middle years novels. However,  I painted portraits of a few of the characters to breathe life into the fantasy world I’ve created. The portraits are painted in black and white (for possible publishing).

Life is about selling myself, lately. I am selling my talents, my novels, my Club Zen class.
I am going to reward myself with time to paint again soon too. Once my middle years series are edited, I am completing my picture book,  A Pug Named Pru. It is a very beautiful picture book with elaborate, oil painting illustrations (by moi).  All of my children’s books have themes of the sacredness of nature, human kindness, feminism and adventure throughout them.
As hard as it is, I love this whole writing world. I’m really enjoying the process. 

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