Sex in the City (Vancouver)

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A thrilling ride of a weekend. Miranda and I drove to Vancouver at noon (half way through my Uni class). Arrived at the Hotel Vancouver Fairmont in time for a trip to H&M. It was like we were living in a comedy movie: as Miranda and I strolled by the open piano lounge in our sunglasses and trench coats, I spotted Theresa and my mom in the lounge! This entire weekend was a surprise meeting in Vancouver for my mom’s birthday–all of her daughters flew in to surprise her. So while I grabbed Miranda and hauled her out of sight, Theresa suddenly talked very loudly and animately to make sure my mom would be looking at her instead of watching the hotel guests stroll about the lobby.
We met my sister Catherine later at 7pm in the piano lounge and awaited Theresa and my mom arriving. (My mom thought just she and Theresa were having a weekend in Van. alone) When they walked in, Mom smiled at us sweetly (before her brain caught up to her eye sight) and then a shocked look passed over her face. It was a lovely, fun and silly reunion (don’t give me a lemon drop on an empty stomach). Before I knew what I was doing, I was massaging the chest area of my dress in public to demonstrate something or another! lol
After Champagne we made out way to the streets of down town Vancouver to the Wedgwood restaurant. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. For a photo op, I went to kiss my mom’s cheek and she ended up turning her face toward me and I was puckering up to the tip of her nose–and this seemed so funny I could not stop laughing–as the photos demonstrate.
The rest of the weekend was spent walking and walking and shopping. The Bay had an entire floor dedicated to olympic merchandise at half off! I purchased hoodies for the girls. I bought myself some dreamy Pumas. The most comfortable shoes I have ever walked in. We rented The Last Station–a movie about Tolstoy and all bunked in Mom and T’s room to watch it. It was a good movie. Helen Murin was amazing in it. And Tolstoy reminded me of every man I’ve ever known–that part was rather depressing! On Sunday we met the Wallaces (cousins, aunt and uncle) for brunch down town and played with darling baby Daphne (one of the happiest and cutest babies).
Back to reality: just as I walked in the door from a 4 hour car trip from Vancouver, Peter walked out to the airport–headed for meetings in Vancouver. Yikes–so many chores for me at home today 🙁
I love Vancouver–always fun times.

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  1. Miranda
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  2. Sandra
    | Reply

    It was a GREAT weekend. Lots of fun and so nice to have all the sisters together!!

  3. Cliffer
    | Reply

    God, Champagne seems to mess with the Hart sense of right and wrong…

  4. theresa_hart
    | Reply

    Honestly… we all look better than we did 6 years ago!I’m starting to feel the pressure!

  5. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    Six years ago I was hot! I got a part in “Fido” as head Zombie woman! It was WORK trying to look that god-awful 😉

  6. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    Yes Cliffer,Champange makes public feel private!

  7. Caroline
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    I love that “champagne makes private public”. What beautiful collection of women!!! Happy belated birthday Sandra.

  8. Cliffer
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    I was more referring to the whole “After Champagne we made out…” bit… Very confusing if you read slowly. 🙂

  9. Melissa Mix Hart
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    good one Cliffer! can’t slide anything past you, OK, I admit it–we all got a little tipsy and made out with a few male celebrities that happened to be staying at the Hotel Vancouver. Can’t reveal identities but their first names are: Daniel, Clive, Liam and George.

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