Dog Days on the Slocan River

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Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 The Slocan River is a glacial fed river that meanders through the pastoral, sparsely populated Slocan Valley. Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 A saunter along the Slocan River, and a … Read More

An Autumn Rainforest Stroll

An Autumn Rainforest Stroll Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia I am addicted to the temperate rainforests of British Columbia. I find peace inside the towering ancient trees. My favourite thing to do in life is to get “lost” inside … Read More

Falling Leaves and Waterfalls

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Falling Leaves and Waterfalls Moses Falls, Revelstoke, BC My last post Chasing BC Waterfalls was the inspiration behind last weekend’s trip to see Moses Falls, BC. It’s almost November, yet the lower elevations in southern BC are snow free; thus, I … Read More

In Search of Incomappleux

In Search of Incomappleaux In Search of Incomappleux, Mix Hart This the second instalment in a series documenting my quest to find a hidden interior, temperate rainforest with ancient trees–over 1000 years old! The valley I search for is called “Incomappleaux.” … Read More

Golden Days Of Spring: Okanagan WildFlowers

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Balsam Root Fields Forever Each spring the mountain sides surrounding the Okanagan Valley turn gold with breathtaking wild blossoms. This is my favourite time of year. It is like living each day surrounded by small bursts of celestial, golden sun … Read More

Cathedral Grove: Land Of Giant Trees

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Cathedral Grove: Land Of Giant Trees Macmillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island This spring break, my family hiked through some amazing West Coast forests in British Columbia. Cathedral Grove is a rare section of an old growth Douglas fir/redwood cedar ecosystem on … Read More

Vancouver Weekend

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Vancouver Weekend Hot New Vancouver Trend: Public Reading Hipsters are keeping their cell phones in their pockets and reaching for a good book! @ Vancouver Fairmont Pacific Rim I spent the weekend before last in Vancouver–we picked up my eldest … Read More

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