Queensland Rainforests: Lamington National Park

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Queensland Ancient Rainforests: Lamington National Park Lamington Rainforest, Mix Hart, 2017 I’ve saved the best for last! Lamginton rainforest hike is perhaps my favourite Queensland rainforest hike. The scale of the trees, intensity of the twisty vines and lush ferns, is … Read More

Dog Days on the Slocan River

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Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 The Slocan River is a glacial fed river that meanders through the pastoral, sparsely populated Slocan Valley. Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 A saunter along the Slocan River, and a … Read More

Life Down Under: Lady Musgrave Island

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Life Down Under: Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland The Great Barrier Reef My family’s adventures at the Great Barrier Reef include a brief visit to  Lady Musgrave Island (an uninhabited island in the middle of the Coral Sea). The island is … Read More

Life Down Under: Straddie Island

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Life Down Under: Straddie Island Below: Frenchman’s Beach Life Down Under: Straddie Island, Mix Hart 2017 North Stradbroke “Straddie” Island (Minjerribah) is one of my favourite places on Earth to date. Somehow, it has managed to preserve its wildness and … Read More

Beachcombing at Pass-A-Grille, Florida

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Beachcombing at Pass-A-Grille, Florida Birds The photographs in this post were taken on the beaches near Pass-A-Grille, Shell Key and St. Pete, Florida. The ocean that meet the sands is teaming with wild life, such as dolphins (300 call the … Read More

Humans Value What They Know

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Humans Value What They Know If children do not explore nature, they do not know nature. They will not fight to protect what they do not know. It is imperative that parents take their children to the wild spaces near … Read More

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon: Part I

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Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon One hasn’t fully lived without a visit to Tombstone and its 9 mountain ranges.  Words and pictures cannot capture the wild beauty and pristine Arctic air.   The beauty and biodiversity is so great in Tombstone … Read More

Peter Not-Pizzaface and the Sugar Shack at Sea

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When I’m not writing freelance articles like this one: http://familyshare.com/the-nitty-gritty-on-how-to-survive-a-flight-with-young-children?Itemid=631 –I am writing fiction. I’m finishing the final edit of the second novel in my middle years’ fiction series. All the books in the series take place in BC and … Read More

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