A Rose Garden Chapter 6

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A Rose Garden Chapter 6 July They’d left too much. The neighbourhood was blocked off. Police were letting residents back for supervised visits to their homes to collect essentials that were forgotten in the mad rush to vacate the mountain. … Read More

A Rose Garden Chapter 5

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  A Rose Garden Chapter 5   Everything was dry. Elsa’s online counseling calls dried up. She was relieved, spared from imparting positivity and wisdom that she no longer held…Elsa had dried up too. The monotony as a mountain-top prisoner … Read More

A Rose Garden Chapter 4

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A Rose Garden Chapter 4 June “What time is supper?” Flora asked. At first glance, Flora looked concerningly sweaty and flushed, but as she walked into the kitchen, Elsa realized that her face was purposely painted pink with a glossy … Read More

A Rose Garden Chapter 3

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A Rose Garden Chapter 3 May It was peaceful on the mountain before the neighbourhood woke. A California quail patriarch called, “Chi-ca-go,” from the fence post, as his grown family searched the yard for breakfast. Inside the maple tree, a … Read More

A Rose Garden Chapter 2

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A Rose Garden Chapter 2     Elsa turned off the television—her constitutional evening treat: a single episode from a Scottish detective series. She tiptoed up the stairs, past the silhouette of the supper’s unwashed pots and pans, and then … Read More

A Rose Garden Chapter I

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A Rose Garden April Chapter I       A branch of thorns with a single leaf bud was all that identified the dark soil patch at the front of the house as a rose garden. Large, earth-toned bricks lay … Read More

The Universe is Watching…Carry On

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There are no coincidences in life. The universe reveals your life path in mysterious ways. Every time I immerse myself in something deeply creative, like writing a novel, the universe sends me a sign that it is listening, watching… and … Read More

Peter Not-Pizzaface and the Sugar Shack at Sea

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When I’m not writing freelance articles like this one: http://familyshare.com/the-nitty-gritty-on-how-to-survive-a-flight-with-young-children?Itemid=631 –I am writing fiction. I’m finishing the final edit of the second novel in my middle years’ fiction series. All the books in the series take place in BC and … Read More

Create, Toil and Die

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Why does an artist keep at it? It is the obsessive need to create along with the acknowledgement that one has deeply suffered–living outside the “normal” society model of working 9-5 for an institution and receiving a paycheck. To stop … Read More

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