Whitewater and Waterfalls in Whistler BC

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Brandywine Falls, BC

My family’s long weekend in Whistler, BC was rich on outdoor adventure and breathtaking scenery. The above picture of Brandywine Falls hardly does it justice. The falls are spectacular and huge! The river leads to Daisy Lake and the water is brilliant turquoise. I had several baths while in Whistler in a deep bath tub and the water is a pale turquoise colour when filled. I’ve never seen such natural blue bath water before. The minerals turn it that colour.

The pictures in this post reflect several different hikes we took in and around Whistler. Teeny Tiny migrating Western toads were a real treat to see. The hike around Lost Lake was difficult as with each step we threatened to squash the thousands of toads no bigger than an inch in length. I wished they’d banned mountain bikes from the trail during toad season as so many of the little creatures were killed on the hiking path by cyclists.

I cannot understand mountain bikers who decided to attempt the hiking trails midday when the narrow trails are busy with foot hikers. The only time to attempt biking on trails is early morning before the foot traffic. 

View of Lake Daisy Lake from Brandywine falls viewing area.
Hiking with Tiny Toads
Teeny Tiny migrating Western Toads: less than an inch long.
Mist and Tabs after testing out the warm waters of Lost Lake, Whistler BC.

Lost Lake is a great little mountain lake beside Whistler. The only access is by foot or bike–the lake is free from any motor vehicles.

Pip and MIst crossing suspension bridge above the white and turquoise rapids that are the Cheakamus River.
Peter and Mist on Cheakamus River suspension bridge.
Me on Cheakamus River Suspension bridge. The turquoise water is an unbelievably beautiful hue.
Peter and the girls about to start the Cheakamus Lake Trail, Whistler, BC Aug 2013
Mist and her dad on Cheakamus River hike.
Tabs and her dad entering the enchanted forest surrounding Cheakamus River.
360 of forest
Forest Girls.
Tabs and Pip on the banks of Cheakamus River.
Mist, Tabs and Pip wading into the chilly turquoise waters of Cheakamus River.
Me, joining my girls in the swift Cheakamus River.
Tabs and Pip resting during the hike. Tabs is examining rocks she found in the river for gold flecks.
Me, on the banks of Cheakamus River, BC

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