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I just had the pleasure of shopping for a bathing suit, a bikini. I know, that statement seems like an oxymoron.

PA180182I was invited to shop at I’ve looked at other online bathing suit sites in the past but always chickened out when it came time to order—afraid it wouldn’t fit right and I’d be stuck with the suit (plus, duty on American sites is always a nasty surprise). proved to be the best bathing suit shopping experience I’ve had in a long while. I shopped on the Canadian site so all prices are in Canadian dollars and no duty, yay!

The site has many bathing suits to choose from. In fact, to make sure I got the perfect suit, I spent over an hour on the site. I was open to a one piece if it supported my assets and wasn’t like a suit of armour; I like a flattering suit and for me that means high cut legs, a low, mostly open back and bust support. I found a few one piece suits but the bikinis ultimately caught my eye. has many suits for women of all bust sizes. I have a hard time finding bathing suits to fit me. I wear XS on my bottom and 32-DD on top. Most DD cup bathing suit tops are large sizes like 36-DD and I need a small DD size.


I ended up ordering what seemed to be the perfect suit: a 32-DD top and a XS bottom. I continued on to the checkout link. The total cost was tallied and I hesitated: $256 seemed extravagant to spend on  a bikini…

Back to the site to scan more bikinis. I decided to go with my first choice: a halter style top and side tie bottoms by Anne Cole Signature, each piece priced at $58. I ordered the XS bottoms and a medium top (as it only came in small, medium or large with no cup size). However, the site assured me the top style was suitable for D cups. Also, it was a tie up style; which I like as I am guaranteed that I can tie it tight enough at the shoulders and back.

A huge kudos to the site is that a Swimco representative is online for the entire time one shops. I actually used this feature  as I shopped and enjoyed my chat. The representative responded immediately to my questions and was very helpful.

The total came to $130.00 (including taxes.) This time I pressed the ORDER button. I was nervous waiting for the order; would it be as lovely in real life, would it fit?

I had little time to fret. It arrived by currier the very next  day. I ripped open the package in anticipation. The colours were more vibrant than in the site pictures. It looked well made. I tried it on. A perfect fit! I love it! The bold colours add an exciting beach feel to the entire ensemble.

Me in my new suit—now I just need the sun to shine today so I can hop in the lake.

Shopping at was a win-win bathing suit shopping experience: I got the perfect fit, I had the time to thoroughly browse the entire huge collection of suits at my leisure (in private); thus, I didn’t feel pressured to purchase the first suit and spend more money than I wanted to.

Furthermore, no matter how thin and fit I am, I always think I look HORRIBLE in every single mirror, in every single bathing suit store on the planet. I always leave the bathing suit store feeling like I am a hideous example of the female human body. This is sad but true. It is the curse for nearly every woman I know who shops for a bathing suit; every woman knows a glance in the change room mirrors, with the glaring lights from above, means death to the self-esteem.


I survived and actually enjoyed bathing suit shopping this time. Thank you I will definitely recommend your online site to my friends. Also, the bonus is that if one is not satisfied with the suit, one can send it back for a refund—just make sure not to remove any tags or hygienic sticker panels.

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  1. Penny Wallace
    | Reply

    You look great! Very nice suit. I’m going to look at the SWIMCO website.

  2. Mix Hart
    | Reply

    Thank you Penny! I’d definitely order from them again. Their head office is in Calgary coincidentally.

  3. Swimco
    | Reply

    So glad you found a bikini that you love, now all you need is some sunshine 🙂

  4. Mix Hart
    | Reply

    Thank you Swimco. Love the suit. Beautiful weather arrived and I christened it in Okanagan Lake yesterday 🙂

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