Me Encanta Alex Cuba

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Me encanta Alex Cuba (translation: I love Alex Cuba).

Alex Cuba on Jian Ghomeshi’s
singing Solo Tu (one of my faves)

*This is great, Me encanta también Jian!
(translation: I love Jian too!)
Pic from Wednesday Night’s Alex Cuba Concert  (iPhone). He has the best hair.

I am choreographing a new salsa routine to one of my favorite Alex Cuba songs. I am excited to be creating. I wanted to try a more advanced song for my class–we dance to another song I choreographed by Marc Antony, but I want to add one more salsa. I decided, why not choreograph it to Alex Cuba? So great. Once perfected, I just might post it for all you salsa fans out there 🙂
Last evening we drove way up to the farthest and highest South corner of Kelowna so the girls could play piano for Ballet Kelowna’s Christmas Home Tours. The home they played at was very luxurious. Not my style, but lovely to visit. Will post pics of the girls playing piano tomorrow perhaps 🙂
While they played, I toured the home. I was walking upstairs when suddenly I found it difficult to step forward. I looked down and low and behold, my skirt had dropped to my ankles! I was skirtless. I quickly hoisted it back up and looked around to see if anyone saw my graceful moves–they were all too busy looking at the home and chatting. How embarrassing! I was wearing the skirt I bought myself in Barcelona, Spain this summer by Decigual. It is a gorgeous skirt made of cotton knit that sits low on the hips. I’m built with narrow hips so hense the inopportune slide 🙁
I have not eaten supper for several days straight. First off, all I had at the Alex Cuba concert was a mojito. Then the next night, I actually hated my own chilli. It was fabulous until I added the ground turkey to it and then that just ruined it in my opinion–only veg chilli from now on in my kitchen! And last night–I was not hungry so I thought I’d wait. Peter got the kids take out. I never did get hungry, so there you have it. Maybe I should make something really delicious tonight so I feel like eating supper again. My favourite thing is quinoa lately so perhaps a quinoa casserole will tempt me 😛
I know, I usually blog every two-three days. But lately, I want to give my readers a little something to look at while they vote, so I’ve been at it daily 🙂
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