Steadsnap, A Photographer’s Personal Assistant

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This is the Steadsnap, I’ve already attached it to my tripod base. I screw this into my camera and away I go!

A Review of Steadsnap (Tripod Adaptor)

I’m never without my camera. As a blogger and amateur photographer, snapping pictures is a part of my daily routine. When Steadsnap asked me to try out their handy tripod adaptor, I was excited to try it; so often when I’m travelling and trying to take wildlife pictures, I miss the shot by the time I attach my camera to the tripod.

Steadsnap arrives in a small metal box. The adaptor is compact and attaches effortlessly to any tripod plate. I no longer have to take the time to screw and unscrew my DSLR camera into the tripod base each time I want to switch from shoulder strap to tripod shooting. With my camera on a shoulder strap and Steadsnap, I snap my camera into the tripod almost instantly and start shooting. Another bonus is that I no longer need to remove the camera from the shoulder strap when I tripod shoot. This is a bonus to all of us who have ever accidentally dropped their camera over a cliff while shooting in Hawaii (me). I only wish I had Steadsnap on my last trip to Costa Rica!

Steadsnap arrives inside this small metal box.

I recommend Steadsnap for photographers like myself, who have a passion for photography and often need to switch between tripod and hand held shots. For more about Steadsnap:

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