Change, The One Thing Canadians Can Count On

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Picture 7The seasons are changing again. As a Canadian, this means a lot to me. My entire life style changes with the seasons.

This is especially true as I live in the Okanagan region of Canada. Our summers are very hot, many days near and or over 40 oC (and dry too) and we have a huge lake–very busy with all sorts of people attempting water sports all summer long. I head to the beach almost daily with my daughters to swim, relax on the beach  and attempt the odd water sport. And on mornings, I trail run on the mountains near my home and cycle on amazingly beautiful alpine paths.

Winters are the complete opposite. Mild with snow, much snow on the mountain top where I live. My weekends are organized around mountain sports: skiing, tobogganing and skating. Many evenings the snow is so heavy, my neighbors can be seen snowboarding and tobogganing down the street in front of my home (I don’t let my kids do this as it is a road underneath all that fluffy white stuff and the odd car can (and does) plow through the icy streets). Unless you have 4 wheel drive with studs on your tires, you’re not going to make it up the mountain coming home from work on fresh snow days.

February is the start of spring in my region. This means ch-ch-ch-changes! The down town ice rink is shutting down for the season this week . So sad–It is artificially cooled to withstand our often mild winter days but it’s getting too warm for the city to keep cooling it. Skiing will slow down soon too.

I am missing my winter routine already. It’s too cold to start the summer water sports so this means a season of being in weekend sports limbo. I’ve started a Rosetta Stone Language course to fill my evenings so I don’t become too fidgety. It’s actually a lot of fun–1/2h lesson a night for 25 nights and I shall be bilingual 🙂
I hope you enjoy the very short video Pip and I made this morning–on the last weekend skate of the season (on our favorite down town ice rink).

I love getting up early on weekends and hitting the ice rink with Pip–a great way to start the morning.

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