Then and Now: Eight Years with Fernando the Pug

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Then and Now: Eight Years with Fernando the Pug

The Dude In My Arms, the One With the White Tum, He’s Got My Back
Fernando The Great!
Eight Years With Fernando the Pug!
Then and Now: the evolution of my pug, Fernando, from age two months to eight years old

I share the above picture to show the evolution of one great dog from age two months to eights years.

It has been an unusually sad week, this early November, 2016. At times like this, I am so very grateful for the love and support I find with my dear dog boys. The truth is that the kindness of humans is never a guarantee; whereas, the kindness of dogs is.

I am also grateful and happy for the brightest star of the week: the return home of my eldest daughter, Mistaya. Her calm, intelligent and kind presence is the greatest gift.

Thus, today, on a bright and happy note, I dedicate this post to Fernando! My darling boy with the white-tum turns 8 years old this month. I can’t believe he was once such a little peanut of a pup that I could hold in one hand. In eight years, he has filled out to become the perfect, little, chunk-of-love to cuddle. This is a surprise; when Fernando was a pup, he was so active that he would not allow me to cuddle him. He’d squirm to be put down. Now that he is an adult,he loves to cuddle.

He is the alpha dog in our house. This does not come easy for him; Pablo is much bigger, younger and stronger and often challenges Fernando’s alpha status, especially over food. I have had to intervene on occasion. Fernando is the most devoted, protective family member. If Pablo does something I disapprove of (lunge at a strange dog, jump our yard fence), Fernando is fierce with him: runs at him, biting his neck and scolding him for misbehaving.

Both of my dog boys are devoted to me. Just like his brother (Pablo), Fernando is fiercely protective and acutely aware of my emotions at all times. Fernando has my back. Here’s to at 8+ more years with my boy¬†

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