Fabulous Fernando!

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Ah…Dah…what was in that mug, anyway? Dah….that was no water… (sorry my darling Fernando–I couldn’t resist!)

New research says dogs have the intelligence of a three year old human. The jury’s out on Fernando! JK In actuality Fernando is one of the smartest dogs I know. That’s what makes him an exhausting dog to raise. He needs constant supervision and stimulation. I just had to put up this pic though–he looks soooo ridiculous!
Beach yesterday evening–the water was warm and beautiful. I am continuing to edit Sugar Shack novel. Once complete, I will look at all options to publish them. My 2 junior fiction novels have the best chance for publishing at this time–so they are my focus, my passion. After they are published, then I bring on all my other novels and picture books.
Tonight a Kettle Valley Bike trip with John and Miranda and Peter. We will do all the trestle bridges. I can hardly wait! It is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. I adore hiking the KVR.
That and the Slocan Valley bike trip–top of the world places to cycle: gorgeous, remote and wild! Beautiful mountains and streams and rivers–cougars and bears. Yes, I should get paid for my plugs about Beautiful BC.
Tomorrow I am off to sailing lessons all weekend. Interesting. Next weekend I think we shall go down to Kamloops to camp, canoe and gold pan and visit my parents. All my ghost hunting crew can’t make it that weekend, so we shall do our ghost hunt at the old TB sanitarium on Kamloops Lake in Sept or October. We will document it with video—so stay tuned it may prove to be fascinating.
And a sneak incite of what may be coming up in the New Year–a trip to Tibet and China! WOW! It is my dream to go to Tibet on a Buddhist Pilgrimage. Now, no more about that until it is all set.

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    I think if fernando was really smart he’d have learned not to pee or poo inside by now…

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