Gender, Race, and Religion

Black Bear, Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC by MIx Hart


Gender, race, and religion are human-invented constructs designed to divide humanity, oppress the masses, and reward elitist bullies.

I acknowledge that I live in an anthropocentric, patriarchal, and racist society. I do not feel safe living in an unjust society where one’s quality of life is dependent on their species, sex, and skin shade, where human beings’ worth is decided by human-invented constructs such as gender, religion, race—and the list continues—dividing, and subdividing beings with the intent to oppress the masses and elevate sociopathic, narcissistic, bullies. I further acknowledge that I reject these invented constructs and I am working towards an eco-centric, egalitarian, and compassionate society. It is time to hold the bullies who are profiting from dividing life into the worthy, and the unworthy—the oppressors—accountable.

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