Historic Building of Begur, Catalonia

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I never tire of the beautiful buildings in Begur. The homes are decorated with details: mosaic tiles in the entrance and terrace, fresco wall murals on the outside of the homes, antique white lace trimmed, cotton, white curtains. If one is lucky enough and has a chance to peek in an open window, the home is usually very neatly organized and the furniture is antique. All homes are built on top of medieval ruins and sometimes even Roman ruins beneath those. Most of the buildings in the pictures were built mid 19th C after their owners returned from Cuba after making a fortune in various trades: flour, fabric, tobacco are a few I have read about. It seems the people of Catalan sailed for Cuba to make their money and then returned home to build themselves a villa.
A family home in Begur
Street in Begur
Another home with frescos detailing pastoral scene of Cuba from mid 1800s.
Formally a Casino now the town movie theatre
Peter in the movie theatre reading about the next show, “Pirate of the Caribbean”–early show at 10:30 p.m.
Homes on a very quiet street
A lovely home with front views of the Mediterranean Sea. The enclave is where they park their car–it has a stone star inlayed on the driveway.
The original Begur school, used as the main school until 1971
A family home
Our hotel
Hotel Aiguaclara
The street our hotel is situated on, with a view of the castell above

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