Must Have, Fierce Female, Empowering Playlist

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The Must Have, Fierce Female, Empowering Playlist


This empowering playlist is for all the days you wake up in the morning and a voice inside your head says, “I don’t feel like doing this.”

It’s also for all of you who are tired of the patriarchal paradigm—dead tired of your gender being disrespected!

From my sisterhood to yours, I give to you a short list of eleven songs that I like to play in the morning when I need a pick-me-up to tackle the world.

Add some of your own power songs then go forth and make this world a little more matriarchal!

Live Wild and Free 
Sit Still Look Pretty- Daya
Stronger (what doesn’t kill you)- Kelly Clarkson
Love Myself- Hailee Steinfeld
This Girl Is On Fire- Jessica Mears
Bitch- Meredith Brooks
Roar- Katy Perry
Who Says- Selena Gomez and The Scenes
Born This Way- Lady Gaga
Try Everything- Shakira
Fight Song- Rachel Platten
Confident- Demi Lovato
F**kin’ Perfect- Pink

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