My New Favourite Toy: The Tibetan Singing Bowl

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I recently purchased a Tibetan Singing Bowl. I’ve been a fan of the singing bowl for years: having used one to “invite the bell” to begin meditation group practice and also, I play a CD of singing bowls when I do evening yoga.

I visited my sister recently and discovered she has a giant singing bowl. My daughter Tabs is a pro at playing it. I found a quaint shop in down town Nelson, BC that sells Tibetan singing bowls (made in Nepal) and I purchased one. Each size plays a different song. My smaller bowl has a higher pitch than my sister’s larger bowl.

Tabs and I soon learned to play a singing bowl duet. The thing I love about singing bowls is that it takes a little skill to play them—on first try, my bowl did not sing very well and it’s the challenge of making the bowl sing well that is enjoyable. It’s the best toy—all of my daughters love using it too. If Pip has trouble getting to sleep I let her play the singing bowl for a while and then she’s ready for bed.

The frequency at which it vibrates is said to have healing powers. I like to play it just before I meditate and also any time I need calming energy.

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