Pippi Beatnik Poet


Pippi Beatnik Poet

Pippi’s third grade class had a special poetry reading this week and parents were invited. The little poets treated us to a Beatnik style poetry reading in low light with hot tea to drink. We didn’t clap for the poets, we snapped our fingers in applause, Beatnik style.

Me, in San Francisco, after visiting a Beatnik cafe…
Beatnik culture emerged amongst writers and artists in North America during in the  late 1940s and continued as an intellectual, spiritual, and anti materialism literary movement into the 1960s (Jack Kerouac was the founding author of the movement). North Beach in San Francisco is considered to be the home base of the movement and Beatnik Cafes still exist today.

It was truly a treat to hear how the young minds of today express themselves through poetry. I especially enjoyed the autobiographical poems. Those poems were full of the usual childhood fears and joys; but also, they were filled with self-love and hope, which is everything.

Pippi read five of her poems for the cafe crowd. I share with you her poem Spiders and also a video of her reciting Snow. Hope you enjoy a peek at Pippi, a third grade Beatnik Poet.


Spiders dangling

Playing tag with the wind

Facing the grass dancing

Swaying side to side



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