The True Alchemist

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The True Alchemist

Photo by Mix Hart 2015

This quote speaks to me, as a writer, but it also speaks to all artists. We are all alchemists, taking what talents we possess and using them to spin the ordinary into something extraordinary (and hopefully, into something that brings good to the world).

The Spider and The Buddha

I took a picture of the tiny microscopic spider as it crawled all over the head of one of my Buddha sculptures. The spider is only about 3 mm long in reality. I thought it such a fuzzy and beautiful creature that I had to snap its picture. Unless you study the spider up close, you miss out on its exquisite beauty; from a few feet away, the spider appears to be a moving brown dot.

This tiny, rare, beautiful spider on Buddha’s head is especially symbolic to me because I’m an anachrophile and I practice Buddhist philosophy ☯

How much of the universe we miss when we don’t bother to lean in and look closely!

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